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Field Service Jobs

Our employees are among the most valued and celebrated in New England. Our diverse teams of highly-trained, driven professionals are what supports the JP Pest Services’ legacy of excellence. Our people represent our mission, our values, and our ambitions every day, both on and off the job. 

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Pest Control Technician

Manchester, NH

Employee Benefits

Whether its our comprehensive health insurance plans or the network of national brands and services that our employees enjoy discounts from, we have our people covered.

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Ceilidh McKillop.jpg

Ceilidh McKillop

Seasonal Facilitator

"JP  Pest Services has provided a positive workplace and management team that has only strengthened my belief in my own work, both on and off the clock.

I've never worked for a company as dedicated to making sure that their employees' concerns are heard; I couldn't be prouder to be a part of the JP team!"

Justin Bonefant

Wildlife Control Service Professional

"Working for JP Pest Services has many advantages, but the freedom it comes with is by far the best. They allow you the freedom to do your job, and you have to put a lot of trust into each of your coworkers. The freedom to manage your own work load for each day is great, as well as traveling in a company vehicle, which you get to take home every night. Traveling to many different towns and locations is also a plus, and it makes for an interesting, always changing day-to-day experience. Even with the summer being the "busy" season, you still have time to go out and enjoy life outside of work.

Sam Graves.jpg

Sam Graves

Regional Logistics Coordinator

“Working at JP has provided me with many levels of professional experience and opportunities. I began my career in a seasonal role and quickly grew into a supervisory position. More than just a paycheck and good benefits - the teams within our organization all take pride in their jobs and work hard to accomplish incredible goals. We are driven by exceptional customer service, at every level throughout the company, and this push supplies our people with many rewarding moments and amazing results.”